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When is the best time to insert windows and doors during construction, and how to take care of construction after installation?

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Building a house is a process consisting of many stages, and each of them requires careful planning and proper execution. One of the key moments is the installation of windows and doors, which has a direct impact on the comfort of the building and its durability. In the following article we will discuss when is the best time to carry out this work to ensure the best results.

Which stage of construction is best for window and door installation?

The ideal time to install windows and doors is when the building shell is reached. This means that the walls and roof are ready, but the finishing work, such as plastering or concrete screeding, has not yet begun. At this point, the building is already protected from the weather, which minimizes the risk of damage to the newly installed woodwork. As a result, windows and doors are not exposed to rain, snow or strong winds, which could affect their durability and functionality.

How to prepare the surface for the installation of windows and doors?

Before installing windows and doors, the surface of the openings must be carefully prepared. This process involves the use of three layers of insulation: an outer vapor-permeable tape, a middle polyurethane foam and an inner vapor-proof film. Such a solution ensures adequate thermal and acoustic insulation and protects against moisture that could lead to damage to the woodwork or its components.

Can windows and doors be installed at low temperatures?

Although the best time to install windows and doors is in positive temperatures, modern installation materials allow you to carry out this work also in winter. Special mounting foams, designed for low temperatures, allow effective installation even during freezing temperatures. However, most professionals recommend avoiding installation in extreme conditions, so as not to risk deterioration of installation materials.

What is the importance of ventilation after window and door installation?

After installing windows and doors, it is crucial to ensure adequate ventilation of the premises, especially after wet work such as plastering. Moisture can lead to damage to the woodwork, so regular ventilation and sometimes heating of the rooms is essential. This allows the walls to dry effectively and prevents mold and mildew from damaging the woodwork.

Why is it worth installing window sills together with the windows?

When installing windows, it is also worth installing exterior window sills. They protect the contact between the window and the wall from getting wet and possible water damage. After installing the windows and sills, you can proceed with further finishing work, such as plastering the window glyphs on both sides. This will make the entire window structure solid and durable.

Is it a good idea to install windows and doors before a planned break in construction?

If you are planning a break in construction work, it is not recommended to install windows and doors. It is better to protect the openings with temporary covers, which will allow ventilation and drying of the walls, as well as protect the building from theft. It is advisable to postpone the installation of carpentry until a time when work can continue without long interruptions.


The installation of windows and doors is a key stage in the construction of a house, which requires careful planning. The best time for this work is when the building shell is reached, which ensures the protection of the woodwork from the weather. Proper preparation of the surface, the use of the right installation materials and attention to ventilation after the installation of windows and doors are key to the durability and functionality of the woodwork. With these tips, the installation will go smoothly, and the windows and doors will serve for many years, providing comfort and safety for residents.