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Smart Slide, HST and Open Out patio doors – What are they and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each of these solutions?

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Choosing the right door for your home or office is a key element that affects the functionality and aesthetics of the interior. In this article we present three modern door solutions: Smart Slide, HST and open out patio doors. Find out what characterizes these innovative systems, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they can affect the comfort and appearance of your interior.

Smart Slide doors

What are Smart Slide doors?

Smart Slide doors are a modern sliding door system that combines elegance and functionality. Thanks to advanced technologies, Smart Slide offers smooth and light sliding of the door, making it an ideal solution for modern interiors. Innovative bearing mechanisms and special guides minimize friction, allowing the doors to slide effortlessly.

Advantages of smart slide doors

Smart Slide are characterized by high quality workmanship, which ensures their durability and reliability. The minimalist design of these doors blends perfectly with various interior styles, from modern to classic. Thanks to the space-saving features of the sliding doors, they are particularly useful in small rooms where every centimeter matters.

Insulation and energy efficiency

In addition to aesthetic qualities, Smart Slide doors offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which translates into user comfort and energy savings. Effective seals protect the interior from heat loss and protect against outside noise, which is important in high-traffic areas or noisy neighborhoods.

Disadvantages of smart slide doors

Despite its many advantages, Smart Slide doors can also have some disadvantages. Due to their technological advancement and high quality workmanship, they can be more expensive compared to standard sliding doors. Installing this type of door may require specialized knowledge and precise installation, which can increase initial costs.

HST: Lift-and-slide doors

What are HST doors?

HST (Hebe-Schiebe-Tür) are lift-and-slide doors that are increasingly popular in modern construction. The lift-and-slide mechanism that characterizes them allows the door leaf to be raised before sliding.

Advantages of HST doors

One of the main advantages of HST doors is their ease of use. The lift-and-slide mechanism makes it possible to move the door leaf smoothly and lightly, even with large size and weight. This makes them convenient for daily use and can be used in various types of buildings, both residential and commercial. HST doors allow the installation of wide and high glazing, which maximizes the amount of natural light entering the rooms. This solution is ideal for those who appreciate bright, spacious interiors and panoramic views. With large glazing, interiors become more open and integrated with the outside environment.

Disadvantages of HST doors

However, it is also worth mentioning some disadvantages of HST doors. First of all, due to their advanced mechanism and high quality workmanship, they are usually much more expensive compared to traditional sliding doors. The installation of HST doors also requires precise installation, which increases installation costs.

Open Out Balcony Doors

What Are Open Out Balcony Doors?

Balcony doors on an intermediate profile with the possibility of opening outward (open out) are the ideal solution for those who value practicality. This type of door allows you to open outward.

Advantages of Open Out balcony doors

First of all, they save space inside the room, which allows you to arrange the interior more freely. This solution is extremely practical, especially in smaller apartments, where every square meter is at a premium.

Insulation and Security

Thanks to the use of an intermediate profile, these doors offer better insulation, which helps to maintain the right temperature indoors and protect against outside noise. In addition, the door’s ability to open outward increases the safety of evacuation in emergency situations such as fire.

Disadvantages of Open Out balcony doors

Despite its many advantages, open out balcony doors also have their disadvantages. Opening the door outward can be difficult in high winds or other extreme weather conditions. In addition, this type of door may be less secure in terms of burglary prevention, as the locking mechanisms may be easier to force from the outside.


Door solutions such as Smart Slide, HST and open out patio doors offer a number of benefits. Smart Slide doors provide smooth and light sliding, ideal for modern interiors, while HST offers ease of use and the ability to install large glazing to maximize natural light. Open out patio doors make optimal use of interior space and feature an elegant design. Each of these solutions also provides good thermal and acoustic insulation, which translates into user comfort. However, it is also worth considering potential drawbacks, such as higher initial costs and specific installation requirements, to choose the door that best suits individual needs and conditions.