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How to choose soundproof windows? – panes sound proofing and sound proofing windows By homemade means.

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External noise can significantly reduce the comfort of living at home, especially in areas with heavy traffic. The right choice of soundproofing windows can significantly reduce the indoor noise levels. In this article, we will discuss which windows are best soundproofing, why you can hear everything through the windows, how to soundproof noise coming from the street and how to soundproof windows in the house.

What types of windows are best for soundproofing?

The types of soundproofing windows vary depending on the technology and materials used to
their manufacture. Soundproofing windows are specially designed to minimize the
penetration of outside sounds into the building.

Their construction uses additional layers of glass and special seals. Technology production of such windows often includes laminated glass, in which between two layers of glass there is a special sound-absorbing film. Also, the window frames are reinforced with materials with high sound insulation, such as composites or PVC.

Why can everything be heard through the windows?

The reasons for problems with the sound insulation of windows can be various. One of them is the wrong
selection of windows in terms of sound insulation. Standard windows, without special sound-absorbing properties, are not able to effectively stop outside noise.

Another reason may be leaks in the windows, which can result from improper installation or wear of sealing materials. In addition, poor sound-absorbing properties of the materials used to manufacture the windows also contribute to the to increased sound permeability.

The result of these problems is increased indoor noise levels, which leads to to reduced living comfort and sleep problems.

How to quiet the noise coming from the street?

There are several effective methods to reduce noise coming from the street. First of all It is worth investing in windows with high sound insulation, denoted by the Rw coefficient. Windows with a high Rw value, for example, above 40 dB, are effective in reducing outside noise.

Another method is to install additional glazing or double windows, which significantly improves the sound insulation. It is also worth considering the use of sound-absorbing curtains and blinds, which further reduce the penetration of sound into the interior.

When choosing windows, pay attention to parameters such as Rw coefficient, type of glass and the quality of seals. It is also important that the installation of windows be carried out by qualified professionals who will take care of the tightness and proper installation of the windows.

How to soundproof windows in the house?

To further improve the sound insulation of windows, you can use additional solutions. Sealing the windows with special tapes and gaskets is one of the easiest ways to reduce noise.

You can also install sound-absorbing panels on the walls around the windows, which
further reduces sound penetration. Installing exterior roller shutters not only improves
thermal insulation, but also reduces exterior noise.

For those who want to improve the sound insulation of existing windows on their own, simple methods are available, such as the use of sound-absorbing gaskets, tape insulation and soundproofing curtains.


Proper selection of soundproofing windows and the use of additional methods of reducing
noise can significantly improve acoustic comfort in the home. When choosing windows, it is worth
pay attention to the parameters of sound insulation and quality of workmanship. Additional
solutions, such as soundproofing gaskets and external blinds, can further
increase the effectiveness of sound insulation. As a result, you can enjoy peace and
comfort at home, regardless of outside noise.