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How to choose and care for Windows and Doors to serve for years?

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Choosing the right windows and doors is an investment that affects the comfort and value of our home for years to come. This decision should not be based solely on aesthetics, although appearance obviously matters. The key aspects to look out for are the durability of the materials, the effectiveness of thermal and acoustic insulation, and ease of maintenance. A well-considered choice can ensure the longevity and functionality of our windows and doors, as well as help save energy.

What Material to Decide On When Buying Windows and Doors?

Wood – charm and maintenance

Wooden windows and doors are synonymous with elegance and natural beauty. Their aesthetic appearance makes them a perfect match for classic and rustic interiors, adding warmth and coziness. Wood also has excellent insulating properties, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. However, for wood to last for years, it requires regular maintenance. Waterproofing and protective paints are essential to protect it from moisture, UV radiation and pests. Regular painting and varnishing, usually every 2-3 years, will ensure the wood’s longevity and maintain its aesthetic qualities.

PVC – durability and ease of maintenance

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows and doors are a popular choice due to their durability and resistance to changing weather conditions. They are also extremely easy to keep clean – just wash them with water and mild detergent. The material does not require painting or special maintenance, making it a practical choice for those looking for hassle-free solutions. When choosing PVC windows and doors, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the materials used and the presence of certificates confirming their durability and safety. High-quality products will serve for many years, maintaining their properties and aesthetics.

Aluminum – modernity and resistance to corrosion

Aluminum windows and doors are a symbol of modernity and elegance. They are characterized by slim design and durability, which allows to create large glazing, allowing a lot of natural light into the interiors. Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material, which means that it does not require complicated maintenance. Regular cleaning of the frames with water and mild detergent and occasional lubrication of the hardware is sufficient. However, it is worth choosing products with thermal breaks, which improve thermal insulation and prevent heat loss, which is especially important in climates with large temperature fluctuations.

Composite – combining the advantages of different materials

Composite windows and doors are an innovative solution that combines the advantages of different materials, such as wood and PVC. As a result, they offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and exceptional durability. Composites are resistant to weathering, which minimizes the need for maintenance. In addition, their aesthetics can be freely modified, allowing them to perfectly match the style of the building. They are a particularly attractive option for those looking for modern, durable and aesthetic solutions, which at the same time provide high comfort.

Pay attention to the technical parameters!

Thermal insulation – thanks to it, your home will keep warm.

Thermal insulation is one of the most important parameters to consider when choosing windows and doors. The value of the heat transfer coefficient (U) should be as low as possible – preferably no more than 1.1 W/m²K. Such a coefficient provides excellent thermal insulation, which translates into significant savings in heating the house. Good quality windows and doors with a low U-value minimize heat loss, which is especially important in climates with large temperature fluctuations. Products with double or triple glazing and thermal breaks further improve energy efficiency.

Sound insulation – how to protect against outside noise?

In noisy areas, such as city centers or near busy streets, sound insulation of windows and doors is crucial. Technical parameters for sound insulation are expressed in terms of the Rw coefficient, which measures the sound attenuation capacity. Windows and doors with an Rw of 40 dB or more are very effective in reducing outside noise. When choosing products, it is worth paying attention to certifications that confirm their sound-absorbing properties, such as ISO standards or national certifications. With proper sound insulation, you can significantly improve your living comfort by eliminating unwanted outside sounds.

Burglar Resistance: How to Increase Security?

Home security is another important aspect when choosing windows and doors. Products with high burglary resistance have burglar proof approvals, such as RC (Resistance Class) grades, which determine the level of security. RC2 and RC3 classes are recommended for single-family homes, providing reinforced hardware, special frame profiles and thicker glass. In addition, such windows and doors are often equipped with multi-point locks and other advanced security mechanisms. The installation of products with a high class of burglary resistance significantly hinders potential burglars’ access to the interior of the house, which increases the safety of residents.

What certifications and standards are worth paying attention to when choosing doors and windows?

  • CE: Certificate of compliance with European safety standards.
  • ISO 9001: Certificate of quality management system.
  • Anti-burglary certificates: RC (Resistance Class) ratings indicating the level of resistance to burglary.
  • Energy certificates: Confirming the insulating properties of windows and doors.


Choosing the right windows and doors is a decision that affects the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of our home for many years to come. It is crucial to pay attention not only to aesthetics, but especially to technical parameters such as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and burglary resistance.